Snowflake is provided free for use with the Star Bright Decorative LED Window Display. Snowflake allows you to to create and edit animated GIF files which can then be uploaded to the display. Each GIF file contains image frames that are played in sequence to form an animation. Each image frame contains 8 x 8 pixels to match the 64 LEDs on the display. A large library of predefined GIFs is included. Snowflake requires Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or newer.

Click here to download the Snowflake 1.2 installation program.

• Create and edit animated GIFs containing up to 5,000 frames
• Includes a large collection of predefined GIFs
• Select, cut, copy, paste, add, duplicate and delete frames
• Clear, invert and shift the current frame
• Edit pixels by drawing in white (LED on), black (LED off) or toggle mode (LED on/off)
• Adjust individual frame delays up to 2.5 seconds in 0.01 second increments
• Playback controls including: first, previous, play/stop, next, last
• Star Bright LED display is automatically detected when plugged in
• Current frame is shown on the LED display during editing and playback
• Upload the current animation to the LED display (set to play one GIF)
• Upload multiple GIFs to the LED display (use control box button to play one or all GIFs)
• Flyover help describing each program feature (move the mouse there)

Screen Shot
A screen shot of Snowflake is shown below. The file "fireworks1_kb.gif" has been loaded from the predefined GIFs. Note that "7 / 27" (bottom right) indicates this file contains 27 image frames and is currently positioned at frame #7. You can see that the first few frames (bottom) show a single white pixel that moves up from right to left in subsequent frames. During playback this pixel shoots up from right to left and then explodes into 4 pixels at the current frame. Each frame is displayed for 0.10 seconds to produce an animated fireworks display (the frame delay is shown below each frame). Move the mouse over the screen shot to view a description of each button and area.



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