Combine multiple 2' x 2' Star Bright panels to make one large display.

This video shows a display consisting of 4 panels in 1 row.

Star Bright panels are connected together using one or more USB hubs to make one large multi-panel display, eg. 9x1, 8x4, 16x2

Multi-Panel Controller

The Multi-Panel Controller reads animated GIFs from the included 2GB flash drive and updates all of the connected display panels. Download the instruction sheet.

$99.95 + shipping

The Hub-Kit allows up to 6 display panels to be connected to the Multi-Controller. Each kit Includes a 7 port hub, host cable, 1A power supply, 5m extension, 18 suction cups, 12 cable mounts and 30 twist ties. Purchase additional kits to add more panels.

$39.95 + shipping
StarText software

Easy to use StarText software creates text banner GIFs for use with a multi-panel display via the Multi-Panel Controller.

Download free software here.

Not recommended for use with a single Star Bright display panel, instead see Snowflake software.


Contact for more information.



For creating multi-panel animations we recommend using JASC Animation Shop. For example, if using 2x2 panels to create a 16x16 pixel display use the following steps:

  1. File > New, Width:16, Height:16, Canvas color:Opaque, click the OK button.
  2. View > Zoom In By 5 (adjust to your preference).
  3. View > Color Palette (to show color palette at right side).
  4. Click on the up/right arrow below the color palette (to flip to white on black).
  5. Click on the Brush icon in the toolbar and select a brush width of 1.
  6. Draw white pixels on the black background, insert additional frames as needed.
  7. File > Save As (enter a .gif filename) and click the Save button.
  8. Click the Customize button, select 3 colors (only black and white should be used).
  9. Click on the Optimizations tab, uncheck all boxes, click the OK button.
  10. Check "Use these settings when saving unoptimized files"
  11. Click the Next> button 3 times and then the Finish button.



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