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Star Bright hangs in a window as a decorative nighttime display. Star Bright displays thousands of animated graphics using 64 bright white LEDs. Pre-defined or custom graphics may be uploaded to Star Bright using Windows PC based software.

Package contents
1) 64 bright white LEDs on a transparent 24” x 24” display with suction cups
2) 5-meter mini-B to type-A USB cable.
3) AC/DC USB type-A adapter (120VAC 50-60Hz 3W Input, 5VDC 0.5A Output.)
4) This instruction sheet.

1) Hang display in window using suction cups.
2) Plug mini-B USB cable end into control box on display.
3) Plug type-A USB cable end into USB AC/DC adapter.
4) Plug USB AC/DC adapter into 120 VAC wall outlet.

After power is applied the display sequences through all animations. Press the button on the control box to select the first animation. Press again to select the next animation or all animations. As the button is pressed, LEDs light up to indicate which animation is selected. Selected animations play continuously. Pre-loaded animations include:
1) Test (test pattern)
2) Dazzle (Flakes, Spins, Cross)
3) Halloween (Ghosts, Bats, BOO, Pumpkins, Spiders, Masks)
4) Party (Fireworks)
5) Christmas (XBalls, XBoxes, Bells, Candles, Candy Cane, Deer, Menorah, Snow Fall, Tree)
6) Mesmerize (GOL, Blob, Wormy)
7) Stars (stars)
8) Stuff (miscellaneous)

Changing Graphics
1) Download and install the Snowflake editing software from
2) Connect the display to a Windows PC.
3) Use Snowflake to create and upload animations to the display.

The product is warranted by the manufacturer for 90 days to be free of manufacturing defects.



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