Can I use Star Bright without a computer?
Yes, Star Bright is pre-loaded with _Mix GIFs suitable for Halloween, Christmas, New Year's and other occasions. You can select one or all GIFs using the button on the control box.

Can I leave the display in my window all year round?
Yes, but we recommend storing the display if it will not be used for an extended period.

How should I store the display for future use?
Place the kraft paper liner on a clean flat surface such as a table. Place the display on top of the paper with the LEDs facing down and the control box at the bottom (button facing up). Position the display so that it is flush with the bottom edge and sides of the paper. Roll the paper and display together from bottom to top and slide this into the cardboard box. Wrap the USB cord around your hand at least 17 times to form a coil. Slide the coil and USB adapter into the cardboard box.

What is the best method for cleaning the display?
Use Swiffer Dusters or a vacuum with a small brush. Be especially careful not to pull or tug on the wires when cleaning the back side of the display.

What type of transparent material is used in the display?
The display uses 0.010" Lexan 8010 film which is a flexible, optically clear, UV resistant plastic.

Is Snowflake available for Mac / iPad / Linux PCs?
No, Snowflake currently requires Windows 7, Vista or XP.



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